Lessons and Lies

Today I find myself in two minds, I hate being lied to and used! And worse being made out to be someone who lies, and makes up stories about things that have happened. Those of you who knew me from the old blog remember how excited I was about what I was fooled into believing was a wonderful relationship prospect ok it fizzled that’s fine I can accept that (and those of you who didn’t read those blogs know me as a person and I would hope know what sort of person I am). What I will not accept is appalling behaviour and being lied to or lied about. If he reads this he knows who he is and I am absolutely disappointed beyond belief not only at the lies, but at the abuse of friendship and the gutlessness of just vanishing then acting like you are trying to get your life together all the while moving on to other women and doing the same thing to them. Ok so you like to play white knight find us when we are down and fix us, help us recover our self esteem only to strip it away again. I am sorry but I have not given you power over me. I have worked hard on myself this year and you will not take away or take credit for the work I have done myself. In fact I am strengthened by the fact I now have a fuller and more honest picture of who you are as I can walk away and not look back without a moment’s hesitation.

How hard is it to say sorry I found someone else I hope we can still be friends? Or to be a good friend to someone (see previous blog)

Then again I never really knew this person at all recent events, and chats to other women who know him have proven how chameleon like he really is, Does he even know the real person within himself? I honestly doubt it. Not only that but the universe has been bitchslapping him back down repeatedly. This only happens when there are lessons to learn so I would urge him to take as much time and energy as he pours into his fake persona and lies and channel it into himself, it explains why his creativity is floundering as well how can you be creative when creativity at our very core is the essence of who we are expressed for the world to see. It is honest and truth feelings laid bare for the world to see. Without honesty how can we create? Also if you’re getting smacked down by the universe repeatedly you’re being urged to look within and deal with the issues you spend your life running from.

I remember him telling me I share too much of myself on my blog wonder if he was scared I would say his name on here and he would be called to defend his playa attitude to women.

I thank you and am grateful for the time we spent as well whatever because it inspired and uplifted me and gave me a true sense of what is possible. Even if it was all lies. I am grateful because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I will not be choosing a man like you to be with. I am grateful that you urged me to join Dimms where I have met some truly amazing and wonderful friends. I am grateful for you pushing someone else you were with to become friends with me because she is a truly remarkable woman and far far beyond deserving of the good things in life. I am grateful because whilst they weren’t good ones you seem to have bought out my prophetic dreaming abilities in a way that the dreams make sense, oh I never told him that part of one of the dreams that he told me he was moving to America to in his words “screw anything that moved” seems like that is the attitude he has at times shrugs this blog is my final letting go of this. I am grateful for the inspiration, although bummed that I sent you things well one thing in particular that I wish I had kept funny I had a hard time parting with it I should have listened to that instinct)

Why am I telling this here? Because I need to let it out but also show what it has taught me. I have nothing to fear for I have done nothing wrong nor have I lied.

I am Amazing! I am Lovable! Not only this I am truly not willing to settle for second best in my life. I have a strong sense of self worth and inner confidence that will not be shaken by men like this. I have truly gained a sense of from the inside out rather than looking outside myself for validation. I don’t need a man to make me feel good about myself. And I do not need to be friends with someone who says things like “I get a bad vibe from her so I have been avoiding her” seriously really interesting feel free to remove me from your life.

No matter where I was at the start of the year I am not that woman anymore! He may not have had to confront me and I doubt he ever will and to be honest I can’t spare the negative energy to confront him because I think he believes the lies he tells others. I am not the marshmallow people think I am I have a strong core of inner strength and him he’s gonna end up old and alone at some point unless he takes the time to change.

I am so grateful to have made some amazing friends this year and to be going through amazing growth not only personally but also creatively and with regards to my abilities as a psychic.

The reason and rhyme I can find through this particular thing is that I have been given the gift of an amazing community of inspiring people, new friends, self knowledge, and the true knowledge that I deserve the best life and love has to offer.
I can only wish the same for all the people I love and care about, after all Karmas a bitch and I am a big believer in what we put out into the world is what we get back.

May your journey bring you joy, may you learn your lessons well

Until next we meet along life’s journey
In love and light


About heavenlyimaginings

A crafter from the time I was a small child. My love of crafting has developed into a passion for making Artist Original Bears, Scrapbooking, making fascinators and hair accessories, as well as dabbling in other bits and pieces such as making the occasional small bag. I craft on a budget. Try and reuse and recycle where I can (I wish I lived closer to a big reverse cycle garbage type place). In truth I play when I craft. It is such an adventure. Often do not spend time looking for tutorials and tips online preffering to meander though in my own way. After all if you do not know the rules then you have no problems breaking all of them. Have to be honest and say I truly love being pushed out of my creative comfort zone, as it is in those moments that you have to stretch yourself and your imagination that often you create the most amazing works of art. Also passionate about Spirituality. I discovered my psychic gifts at age 19 and have walked along the spiritual path for 19 years now.
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2 Responses to Lessons and Lies

  1. CastingPearls says:

    You ARE amazing and wonderful and beautiful. People good and bad are put in our lives for a reason –either to be a good example or horrible warning–and he was the latter: an example of what you don’t need or want.

    Great blog. Great points. Great insights. ❤

  2. I dont wish him harm, in fact I hope he finds he way because the person I met at the start of the year is someone who is nothing short of remarkable. What is done is done. It is in the past and spring is here and its a bright new dawn

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