The Lessons of 2010

I know so many people who have had probably one of the hardest years of their lives this year including me. If you have read past blogs then you know a little of just a few of the events that have shaped my year if not scroll backwards or take my word for it (plus I will be doing some older blog reposts now that I have a more permanent blog home).

To say the one thing I was looking forward to the most this year was the Bear show in November is an understatement I have done some of my best work ever so imagine the heartbreak of working your heart and soul out only to sell one bear and be left in a financial black hole afterwards. However on saying this some great things came out of it as well I got to meet a lovely Scrapping friend at the papercraft show and and and I got to meet a wonderful lady from another forum and made a lovely new friend who makes the most divine Swarovski  crystal jewellery of which Shaylyn and I own a few pieces of now because MJ and I did a product swap, also got a lovely little rocking horse and rocking chair for my bears for a crazy cheap price and a fantastic huge bratz hat box style bag for a whole $5 that I want to scrapbook or turn into a bear scene or both but I love it and I know I am on the lookout for old looking scrapbooking papers to use on it although I may have to change my mind or see if I can hand dye the mint green ribbon that is on the sides and the little handle is mint green too hmmm anyway  I love that I have the creative challenge ahead of me.  And thus back to the point of this blog the lessons of 2010 are you ready for this?



Faith in The face of adversity

As well as

Healing the Past and moving forward fearlessly into the New Year!

Now this isn’t just pie in the sky me randomly plucking this idea out of thin air oh no I have lived these very lessons this year and in some ways still am.  Not only this but have watched friends and clients go through these very same issues only to be told time and time again have faith it will change keep working on what needs to be done the rest will follow.

Now the Proof: Faith in The face of adversity

For me came on Thursday, I did something I do extremely rarely and was being extremely reckless as well and strangely half beating myself up thinking you are being crazy and yet there was a part of me that was so calm just saying flow with it, I was playing the pokies (slot machines for the yanks) and was being crazy as in had put in almost $200 and had my last $50 in my purse (and by no means am I saying to everyone go out and do this cause it will solve your problems this is just an example of having faith and holding on for dear life) and I decided to go nuts and play the maximum I could $5 a spin, which btw meant I went right down to just a few spins left hit free spins and walked out with $1050 making me $850 richer. Now it was a total whim, something I do extremely rarely and never quite so insanely crazy and yet that paid off. I had been struggling to keep my faith in the universe I was behind in the rent (scarily eviction notice worthy behind), all my bills and no matter how hard I had been working to put bears on etsy and do email readings I just didn’t seem to be catching up at all in fact falling further and further  behind. The best part is that unlike my birthday I won’t have to spend my Christmas money from Mum on bills, actually she is buying me a sewing machine. Cause I laybyed one for $109 at spotlight thanks to an awesome $40 discount voucher, also spent $50 on various things like paints and stamping foil bargains, went and put $800 straight into my bank account and then went to Coles and got some seafood for dinner and a few other bits and pieces.

Have made a Dr’s appointment for later today, have enough cash on me to go twice and get to town next pay and have groceries out the wazoo. The trickledown effect is brilliant because it means that I am now on top of the bills and rent and can get back to manageable payments, I have bought some new items of clothing, some new amazing and fun to learn about craft supplies.

So sometimes keeping the faith in spite of all evidence to the contrary pays off, in fact it always will it just may not happen in the way we expect or in a way we even imagined.

Sometimes through the darkness and that feeling that we may not find our way out a glimmer of light will lead the way into a new dawn, don’t be afraid to explore that small glimmer of hope it can lead to amazing things.


Healing the Past and moving forward fearlessly into the New Year!

This year for me and many others has been about learning to heal the past, to stay true to ourselves, believing yes we are worth it and so many other things that go along with that. Mentally and spiritually I feel stronger than ever although yes there are still things I need to bring into my everyday world meditation being a prime example. I am not gonna lie and say oh it’s so easy anyone can do it.

Its hard work but anyone can do it. Be warned now is the time though don’t put it off or the universe will do it for you or you will be left behind.
Healing the past is important, heed the lessons well and move forward allow the fears to melt away and actually start to do and flow with life again.


So now we have covered this year of which there is very little time left and onto the exciting possibilities of a clean slate and a fresh start.

The magic I felt at the start of this year is surely meant for 2011. 11 being a highly spiritual number and in numerology actually my birth number surely this must be the herald of the start of what is already promising to be a year full of possibilities.

Till we meet again on life’s journey keep the faith that it will get better, keep the faith in yourself and keep the faith that magic and miracles are coming your way as a good friend reminded me just before the amazing win and as was written in her grandmother’s house “expect a miracle, accept a miracle”


In love and light



About heavenlyimaginings

A crafter from the time I was a small child. My love of crafting has developed into a passion for making Artist Original Bears, Scrapbooking, making fascinators and hair accessories, as well as dabbling in other bits and pieces such as making the occasional small bag. I craft on a budget. Try and reuse and recycle where I can (I wish I lived closer to a big reverse cycle garbage type place). In truth I play when I craft. It is such an adventure. Often do not spend time looking for tutorials and tips online preffering to meander though in my own way. After all if you do not know the rules then you have no problems breaking all of them. Have to be honest and say I truly love being pushed out of my creative comfort zone, as it is in those moments that you have to stretch yourself and your imagination that often you create the most amazing works of art. Also passionate about Spirituality. I discovered my psychic gifts at age 19 and have walked along the spiritual path for 19 years now.
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One Response to The Lessons of 2010

  1. Great post! Some lessons are tough to learn but often what we learn with pain and sorrow are those that are branded into us the deepest.

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