Love letter 10

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Dear Wonderful You,
I have heard it said that good manners and politeness are lacking in this world. Perhaps that is true.
However sometimes I think what you believe is true will always be what you find.
Then again if you lack manners or are impolite to others you could hardly expect politeness in return. I have always lived by the whole “what ye sow so shall ye reap”. It often amazes me o when people behave in appalling ways and then expect life to be happy and rosey.
Sure some people seem to sail through life unaware of the impact of their actions and words on others. The best examples of this are those who light up the lives of everyone around them. They often have no idea of just how much they mean to those around them and their kindness and joy is a large part of who they are. No false modesty, just the nature of who they are. By the same token those who cause destruction and chaos often have no idea of how their words and actions effect others. I am so conscious of the impact my words and actions can have on others.
It can be hard work to always make sure your actions and words match up.
I have been working on fullfilling my promises I have made in the past. There are still some things I need to make and send. I work on chipping away and making it smaller andsmaller until I am all caught up. unfortunately health sometimes makes it difficultto get things done. However I always thing better late than never & no one is stressed about these things other than me.
Living authentically is so important to me. Hope your living your best life.

Love a friend.


About heavenlyimaginings

A crafter from the time I was a small child. My love of crafting has developed into a passion for making Artist Original Bears, Scrapbooking, making fascinators and hair accessories, as well as dabbling in other bits and pieces such as making the occasional small bag. I craft on a budget. Try and reuse and recycle where I can (I wish I lived closer to a big reverse cycle garbage type place). In truth I play when I craft. It is such an adventure. Often do not spend time looking for tutorials and tips online preffering to meander though in my own way. After all if you do not know the rules then you have no problems breaking all of them. Have to be honest and say I truly love being pushed out of my creative comfort zone, as it is in those moments that you have to stretch yourself and your imagination that often you create the most amazing works of art. Also passionate about Spirituality. I discovered my psychic gifts at age 19 and have walked along the spiritual path for 19 years now.
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